Do you over-pack for weekends away?

Do you over-pack for weekends away?

Packing is one of those skills I just wasn't born with. I'm a serial over-packer and have been known to bring an enormous suitcase with me for a two-night romantic break.

I'm very much a fan of the scouting motto 'be prepared' and I'd like to think that I'm always the woman you want with you in an emergency.

And it seems that actually we're a nation of holiday hoarders and a third of ladies in the UK admit to packing and re-packing their bags several times before going away.

This includes at least a whopping ten different outfits, even for a short break.

The research commissioned by British Airways also found that women need more than 12 hours to get ready to go away.

But with baggage restrictions becoming stricter, it's even harder to try and cram this many clothes in, especially if you're going somewhere cold and can't count a bikini or tiny summer dress as an outfit.

The study showed that nearly half of us worry that short haul baggage allowances mean we have to leave key items at home, making it all the more difficult to decide what to take.

I guess it's all about packing the essential toiletries and then trying to put together a capsule collection of clothes.

This means checking the weather in advance and probably picking only one or two pairs of shoes and one jacket and then enough outfits to see you through the days.

It's no use grabbing things you never wear, as in my experience there's usually a reason for this and you'll regret packing these items in your suitcase.
Plus it's definitely worth trying on outfits to work out how you can mix and match them ahead of your hols.

What do you always pack in your suitcase?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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