Does your beauty routine change with the seasons?

Does your beauty routine change with the seasons?

It’s not just our wardrobes that need an overhaul when the weather changes, but also our cosmetics and skincare products.

Summer can be time to try out natural looking skin, as well as a few colourful additions such as bright lips or eyeshadow shades.

Meanwhile winter tends to encourage heavier looks, with bold colours and a greater focus on foundation.

Beauty journalist Merle Brown claims “it’s pretty much essential to change your skincare routine in accordance with the seasons” with winter often prompting the need for thicker moisturisers.

Whereas during the summer months “we need to also make sure that we have an SPF in our serum or moisturiser, and we really should be looking to keep our faces out of the sun,” she recommends.

UV rays are known to cause great levels of damage to the skin and they can also be really ageing, meaning while your tan might look great now chances are in a decade’s time you could look like you’re wrapped in elephant hide.

Luckily there are plenty of moisturisers, foundations and BB creams on the market which have added SPF protection in them.

This is great as I hate feeling like my face is greasy just because I’ve used suncream as well as makeup.

When it comes to makeup the beauty writer advocates the use of all in one products, which are a top idea for summer holidays.

Dual lip and cheek products are brilliant and mean that you colour scheme is certainly going to tie together.

Waterproof mascara is also a must-have buy for summer, especially if you know your family loves to take pictures of everything and I don’t always have my sunglasses with me!

Have you changed your skincare routine this summer? What are your top makeup tips?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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