Does your body shape have to change as you age?

Does your body shape have to change as you age?

Speaking to my friends, we all acknowledge that our bodies have changed since we had children.

Perhaps it’s because I used to be a personal trainer and was ultra fit that I notice it more, but there are definitely a few more curves and a lot less definition than in my 20s.

And this is in spite of watching what I eat and keeping up with exercise – although, of course, I admit that sometimes I skip the gym for a glass of wine with the girls. I’m only human after all!

But with all the running around with Henry, I still think I’m pretty fit.

All this got me thinking – is there anything we can do to prevent the dreaded middle aged spread, or is getting a little bit rounder just a natural consequence of getting older?

“People tend to gain weight as they age because their metabolism slows, they become more sedentary, their hormones change,” said Anna Mason, founder of Distance Dieters.

However, in the next breath she said that middle aged spread is “rather a fallacy”. I must admit I was confused.

“By eating just a little too much, over time, there will be a weight gain,” she explained

“Say for example that at the age of 20 an individual’s BMI [Body Mass Index] was within the healthy range. By eating a little too much and gaining just 1lb each year, by the time this individual is 50 years old there will have been a 30lb weight gain.”

That makes sense, it’s a cumulative effect.

This gives me hope because if you start to notice the weight creeping on, there is always something you can do about it like cut down a few calories or increase your exercise.

I think this is about not getting into a diet rut and remembering to stay aware of your figure and fitness – although it can drop to the list of priorities!

Do you have concerns about the middle aged spread?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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