Don’t forget to protect your hair as temperatures soar

Don't forget to protect your hair as temperatures soar

Now what the weather seems to be finally taking a turn for the better I’ve been spending as much time as possible outside soaking up the sun.

It’s great to be able to laze about in the garden with a book on my day off, but being in the sun for an extended period of time is not without risks.

Those of us who have dozed off in the sun only to wake up a deep shade of red know that regularly applying suncream is a must, but how many of you give your hair the same attention?

According to celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill, it is especially important to look after your hair when temperatures begin to soar, as while we all love the sun, it can have some unwelcome effects on our locks!

“The sun will zap any moisture from your hair causing it to feel dry and brittle and more prone to splitting and breaking. The sun also has an effect on your colour making it fade much quicker than normal,” he explained.

However, all is not lost, as preventing dull, dry hair from taking attention away from your tan doesn’t have to cost the earth, or involve spending ages in front of the mirror when you could be outside soaking up some rays.

Mark advises regularly applying a hair and scalp protector – ideally one that includes UV filters – to protect your hair colour and ensure it still looks vibrant after a day at the beach or park.

Regularly using shampoo and conditioner is sure to be part of your beauty regime already but it’s even more important over the summer. Doing this, and covering where possible when sunbathing, will ensure your hair stays “healthy and hydrated”, he says.

What are your tips for keeping your hair looking great in the heat? Have you found a hair and scalp protector that ensures your looks stay shiny?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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