Don’t let suncream worsen problem skin

Don't let suncream worsen problem skin

Whether the UK is hot or not right now, this is the time when many of us are preparing for our summer holidays.

I can’t wait, although I am worried about the impact of all this suncream on my skin.

It sounds weird as I know it’s designed to protect us, but using it liberally on my sensitive skin often means I look back at holiday snaps with despair at my blotchy and blemished complexion.

I’ve always had problem skin and it seems even at the age of 34 it still flares up, but I’m not willing to risk cutting down on my suncream use to calm it.

Lynette Yong of, recommends that during the summer we should all be using cleansers and gentle exfoliants daily, as these help “remove debris and oil from pores that can build up from the use of sunscreens”.

Rather than excessively moisturising, she advises that the best way to go about it is to use light hydrating serums beneath sheer sun cream.

This means that I can continue to use makeup on my skin without worrying about it appearing greasy over the top of my sun protection.

During the summer months Ms Yong advocates the use of mineral makeup, which contains natural ingredients and can be kinder and gentler on the skin.

As well as these tips, the beauty expert claims that in order to keep skin protected and looking revitalised in the sun that vitamin C intake should be upped.

“I recommend additional protection from UV light in the form of vitamin C. This protects skin from UV light by preventing the formation of sun damaged cells,” she explained.

It’s also great at providing that extra bit of protection for when your suncream has worn off or been sweated off and is brilliant at relieving the symptoms of sunburn.

All this advice has certainly eased some of my holiday skincare worries!

What are your top beauty tips for staying safe and glowing in the sun?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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