Families ‘can save £225 on utility bills’

Families 'can save £225 on utility bills'

Families could reduce their outgoings by adding water saving measures to their dishwasher and other appliances, according to a new report.

A study by the Environment Agency and the Energy Saving Trust indicated that this could cut utility bills by £225 each year.

This may include carrying out work on items such as dishwashers, showers and taps, those keen to pass on eco-friendly parental advice may be interested to hear.

The report suggests that poorly lagged pipes and inefficient boilers are an area to address, as these can result in a home creating more emissions than it would if action is taken.

Ian Barker, head of water for the Environment Agency, comments: “Water is a precious resource and as the government outlined in last week’s Low Carbon Transition Plan we urgently need to cut carbon emissions to help reduce the impact of future climate change.”

Among the money saving tips for families given in the report are washing dishes in a bowl instead of under a hot tap.

The recently revealed Low Carbon Transition Plan outlined proposals to help homes cut their emissions, through schemes such as the implementation of smart energy metres.

Written by Libby Ward

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