Fitness tips this January

Fitness tips this January

January is considered a time for a fresh start and it’s likely you’re reassessing your diet and fitness regime to try and find ways to improve it.

Family health is a key concern during New Year, especially as new figures from Slimming World’s annual National Slimming Survey shows that a quarter of the UK population has an obese Body Mass Index.

However, this isn’t in line with how Brits perceive their weight as only six per cent believe that how much they weigh is enough for them to be classified as obese.

In order to improve the health of you and your family, Danny Saunders, head of fitness & personal training at the Laboratory Spa & Health Club, claims that cardio exercise such as swimming is great for overall fitness.

He also emphasised the need to drink bottled or filtered water “as this will not only improve your bowel habits and general health but it will also help to reduce your body fat too”.

Posted by Libby Ward

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