Get veggies out of greenhouse and into garden

Get veggies out of greenhouse and into garden

Keen gardeners will find June is a rewarding month for their outside space but should make sure they carry out essential jobs before the hotter months arrive.

The BBC stated there are essential tasks for June, with vegetable growers advised to thin out their seedlings as “congested seedlings never reach their full potential”.

People who have carrots, marrows, peas, runner beans and swedes should be getting them out of the greenhouse this month and into the garden’s vegetable patch.

The BBC also warned that as the weather gets hotter more plant-eating pests will come out and attack the garden, but stated it is up to the gardener whether they want to use pesticides or preventative sprays.

Lawns should also be mown more frequently and green-fingered people can also cut it shorter if it is growing at a rapid rate.

Gardeners more interested in flowers than vegetables should ensure their roses have fertiliser on them and that summer bedding plants are planted out if all sign of frost has disappeared.

Next month the BBC advises heavy watering in the greenhouse, using biological pest control and harvesting some fruit and vegetables.

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