Green Christmas gifts will be part of family life

Green Christmas gifts will be part of family life

People looking for Christmas gifts this year are much more likely to choose something which will have a limited impact on the environment, according to one expert, who said people want ethical presents.

Miles Owen, director of, said that when people can afford it they will usually choose an ethical product over one that has a negative impact on the environment.

“They are trying to encourage each other by buying them presents which are not necessarily expensive, but just get people thinking about what they are purchasing and for what reasons,” he said.

The expert added that consumers are thinking a lot more before making purchases but admits it is difficult to say whether it is because of financial restrictions brought on by the recession or a genuine ethical stance.

Friends Provident recently found that 27 per cent of people are willing to buy a green Christmas gift and 35 per cent were willing to hunt for a health or beauty related Christmas gift that hasn’t been tested on animals.

Posted by Steven Regis

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Date Posted: 18/12/2009

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