Group recreates nativity scene with knitting patterns

Group recreates nativity scene with knitting patterns

A group from South Shields have recreated the nativity scene with the help of knitting patterns, according to the Shields Gazette.

The Knit and Natter group have been secretly using their talents to design the stable scene from wool and have presented it to the Boldon Lane Library, where it now takes pride of place.

It was presented as a surprise to the library, which is where the group meets, and features a scene with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the three kings and a range of different animals.

The set was given to Elaine McCulloch, who helps run the group.

Mrs McCulloch told the newspaper: “I had noticed them whispering in sessions, but didn’t have a clue as to what was actually going on.

“What they have done is amazing, absolutely incredible.”

Christmas could be a great time for you to dig out the knitting needles and learn to knit some festive decorations for the house.

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Posted by Alice Rowe

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Date Posted: 16/12/2011

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