Handbag fever: UK sales to hit £1bn in 2012

Handbag fever: UK sales to hit £1bn in 2012

A world without handbags is unthinkable. What we do with all our things – load them into every single pocket? I don't think so. Nothing quite ruins the aesthetic of a suit, a dress or a decent pair of jeans than a plethora of things jutting here and there.

Handbags are very functional, but beyond that, they can make or break they way we look. Carry a humongous bag and, while, we might come across bit preposterous, like we've seemingly shrunk. Handbags are, in short, very serious business.

Indeed, it appears that handbags in the UK are more popular than ever. Despite the financial crash impacting on our ability to shop till we drop like Carrie from Sex and the City, we are still committed to spending our hard-earned cash on this trusty fashion accessory.

Research from Mintel has revealed that over the last five years, sales of handbags have increased by a whopping 104 per cent, with this year proving to be one of the most successful. It was shown that in 2012, total sales will just about hit the £1 billion mark – £955 million – which is more than double the figure for 2007 (£468 million).

"In tough economic times, accessories have proved popular among consumers," commented Tamara Sender, a senior fashion analyst at Mintel.

"Strong and fickle fashion trends in accessories mean that women tend to purchase multiple items and use them as a cheap way of updating their look. In fact, accessories have proved so popular among consumers with value sales of both handbags and costume jewellery growing at a stronger rate than clothing."

So what have been the trends for 2012? Well, clutches have been massively vogue. Small, compact and subtle, they have been a quiet complement to glamorous dresses.

Also big this year have been metallic handbags, studs evoking a kind of rock-esque glamour, a look that I personally would never have thought popular, but there you go, sometimes you even surprise yourself.

Have you been buying more handbags than usual?

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