Happy New Year!

New year Well that didn’t last long, did it? I feel as if I’ve only just finished wrapping the last of my presents and now it’s time to brace myself to get rid of the tree. And we haven’t even started the Christmas cake yet…

Still onwards and upwards – one of my presents was a new purse so I’m using that as an incentive to sort out my day-to-day finances – no more stuffing in receipts until the zip bursts, no more lost or surprise fivers and definitely no more buying a new travel card every time one disappears to the bottom of my handbag. I took a bus to the sales with the girls the day after Boxing Day and went through FIVE Oyster cards before I found one with any credit on.

And talking of sales, no more impulse buys. I didn’t even get inside M & S the other day and I’d already been suckered into buying one of their cute Snowglobe biscuit tins because they’d cut the price by half to a fiver. By the time I got to the till, I’d bought two – so here I am trying to fit the kettle round two massive, novelty biscuit tins which encourage you to SHAKE the contents, and which will look ridiculously out of place by Twelfth Night.

I still haven’t dared tot up exactly how much I spent on Christmas this year – but I do know that although I may have overdone it, I didn’t throw money away – if that makes any sense. Everything I bought – give or take the odd emergency box of Pringles, was bought with a specific purpose and had the desired effect – no-one ended up with a duff present and the turkey lasted just long enough to give everyone sandwiches, not salmonella.

The constant wind and rain means I have no desire to nip out to the corner shop after dark, so when we ran out of hot chocolate powder (#firstworldproblems), I came up with the ultimate indolent Mum’s recipe for emergency hot chocolate – break three segments of chocolate orange into a mug, top up with milk, microwave for one minute and ten seconds, then stir, top with whipped cream and retreat to the sofa with a smug smile – oh yes, I’d be amazing in a war situation. Marie Antoinette eat your heart out.

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