Have you been swayed by salads this summer?

Have you been swayed by salads this summer?

I can see why us Brits moan so much about the weather. We’ve barely had a whole week of sunshine since the summer supposedly began and I’m getting properly fed up about it!

Usually at this time of year I find myself spending more time being active outdoors and experimenting with a range of healthy and lighter meals to combat the warm weather.

But, even though it’s July I’ve still been reaching for the comfort foods and stodgier meals with lots of meat, potatoes and carbohydrates.

Maybe it’s time to trick myself into feeling summery by switching to my summer diet.

This involves a much greater emphasis on fresh fruit and vegetables, which means salads and plenty of fruity snacks.

But where should I start with my salads?

According to a new study by OXO, chicken salad is the UK’s favourite, followed closely by Caesar salad and tuna nicoise.

Perhaps a nice grilled chicken with some paprika, garlic and cayenne pepper would be a nice start.

Then I can try adding in some red and yellow peppers, beef tomato slices, iceberg lettuce, red onion and maybe a little drizzle of lemon mayonnaise to keep it moist.

Alternatively, the best way to fool myself that I’m on holiday is to try some of my favourite foreign delicacies.

My husband and I have made many trips to the Mediterranean, Greece in particular, and so a chunky Greek salad is a brilliant way to bring some nostalgia into my meal time.

With large slices of cucumber, tomatoes, olives and feta cheese it makes a great lunch and is filled with plenty of vitamins and nutrients.

For tea time you could try it as a side salad, or for those times when you want something light you could eat it with a little ciabatta or French bread to make it a bit more filling.

What’s your favourite salad?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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