How can you encourage kids to walk to school?

How can you encourage kids to walk to school?

Ask most adults and they can reel off the benefits of regular exercise in next to no time. Offer the same question to a child and the answers might not be as obvious.

With such a successful summer for British sportspeople up and down the country are trying to work out how best to integrate a little workout time into their average week.

Walking or cycling to work is a great start and after starting at the beginning of the summer I can honestly say that I’m feeling the benefits.

I feel fitter in general and tend to be far more alert by the time I get to the office.

This is something I’ve been trying to convey to my nieces and nephews, who all regularly get the bus to and from school, despite living only a 15 minute walk away.

It’s costing their mother a small fortune and the kids are missing out on an easy opportunity to get more exercise – plus if they encourage their friends to join in they won’t be missing out.

Outdoor apparel company Hi-Tec has recently released its advice on how to get children walking to school and generally being more active.

One of the most obvious ways to encourage children is to make sure they’re prepared, let them pick out a new pair of shoes or a coat while explaining that you’re only buying them for the walk to school.

Making sure that kids pack a waterproof coat or an umbrella in their bag will help them feel prepared whatever the weather, and will also reduce the likelihood of them bringing out weather-related excuses as to why they can no longer be bothered to walk.

One of my friends tried walking to school with her son for the first week, before then letting him walk with friends when he understood how to get there and back safely.

Many kids won’t be walked in by their parents, but this also depends on their age and when you think they’re ready.

Do your kids walk to school?

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