How far would you go to wear high heels?

How far would you go to wear high heels?

For formal events or business meetings I always sling on a pair of high heels – they’re a great confidence booster and make me feel pretty fab to be honest!

But I was surprised to read today that regular heel wearers are going to ridiculous lengths to enjoy pain-free feet.

Anything over 3 inches is definitely not an all-day shoe to me, but it seems with the rise of designer heels foot pain is something that needs to be side-stepped.

According to British surgeons many women are now asking surgeons for cushion foot fillers.

This involves injecting the toes, heels and balls of the feet with dermal filler, which is normally used by cosmetic surgeons to fill in fine lines and wrinkles.

Nicknamed ‘the Loub job’ after stiletto designer Chrisian Louboutin, requests have apparently doubled in a year, according to British surgeons.

They’re supposed to relieve the burning sensation associated with spending hours in high heels – but they last no more than six months, meaning it could make lots more sense just to invest in more comfortable footwear!

I’m all for wearing high heels but it seems any item of clothing which requires cosmetic surgery to be comfy is perhaps a step too far.

This might make sense if you wear six-inch heels everyday of the week, but at around £370 it’s a little steep for me to justify.

Plus, so long as I keep flat shoes in my bag and try not to spend too much time on my feet, I can generally get away with heels.

Although that being said, I rarely opt for anything more towering than a pair of sensible court shoes.

They do the same job but with a fraction of the pain!

Would you consider cosmetic surgery to wear higher heels?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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