How long do your diets last?

How long do your diets last?

Every year I probably have at least one diet phase, where I wake up one morning and get fed up of not fitting into my favourite clothes and decide to do something about it.

Usually I can stick to a diet for about two weeks, but when it comes to a new exercise routine I tend to manage at least two months before throwing in the towel.

However, new research has shown that half of dieters actually give up after only a month.

A study from Slimsticks found that around half of women blamed their lack of willpower, while 38 per cent of men agreed with this.

I find that my husband is often better at dieting than me, although I think this is largely due to not being bothered to make his own meals.

This means that if I'm cooking healthy meals or there's only fruit and veg in the house, then invariably this is all he eats.

Very clever when you think about it! I'm clearly too keen to become the next Nigella Lawson to pay much attention to what I'm consuming.

The poll also found that 80 per cent of people struggle to stick to diets, with 28 per cent of 16-24 year olds trying a new diet every month.

In contrast, only five per cent of over-55s are dieting monthly.

This still seems excessive and, I guess, shows the fad nature of eating plans and new exercise trends.

Plus some of the diets going round at the minute sound horrible, I could maybe handle the soup diet but I certainly couldn't drink just milkshakes all day long. I still need a little variation!

I'm not a huge fan of diets, as exercising is far easier for me to stick to, plus I think the results on my body are quicker.

How often do you try new diets?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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