How long should you keep makeup for?

How long should you keep makeup for?

I definitely buy a lot more makeup than I throw away, which when you think about it probably isn’t great.

I’m a bit of a scrimper when it comes to beauty products, meaning I’m not averse to scraping out the very last remnants of my concealer or using a mascara way past its sell buy date.

Part of this is just not being bothered to pay for new stuff, but also I don’t really know how long my makeup is supposed to last me.

Natural beauty artist Jessa Blades told NBC New York that, with the heightened temperatures and increased air moisture, summer weather can really damage your favourite makeup products, meaning it could be time to find out how long they really last.

According to Ms Blades, there are three warning signs that indicate a product is well past its peak.

This includes when the smell has changed, if it has been exposed to prolonged heat, or if you notice any change in texture or colour.

When it comes to mascara, it probably lasts the least amount of time and should be replaced every three to five months.

She also recommends “never pump your mascara. It dries it out and never, ever share it”.

Meanwhile eye pencils have a shelf life of two to three years. However if they seem to have dried out or become crumbly then they really ought to be binned.

Foundation and concealer are always trickier for me, as I tend to amass a collection of almost finished tubes, but according to Ms Blades realistically they should last 12-18 months depending on the formula.

“Keep an eye out for when the ingredients begin to settle or separate, the texture thickens or thins or the smell changes,” she added.

Meanwhile lip glosses and lipstick can probably be kept for up to two years, as can powder-based products like blusher and bronzer.

How long do you tend to hold on to your makeup?

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