How to care for hair this summer

How to care for hair this summer

During the summer hair gets put through a lot. From sun damage to all that chlorine and sea water on holiday, it’s no wonder it can start to look a bit frazzled.

I tend to try and keep styling to a minimum during the summer, preferring to go for a more natural look, rather than poker straight locks.

But if I want to stay active, it can be a real pain to make sure that my hair isn’t suffering.

Chlorine in particular can be really tough on hair.

Our scalp produces sebum to keep the hair moisturised. However chlorine in swimming pools can strip away this natural oil, leaving hair lacklustre and dry.

Norris Ogario, creative director at Ogario London, claims that during the summer it’s important to think about the creative effects of what we’re putting our hair through.

“If it is colour-treated and you use heated styling tools, for example, that, combined with the chlorine will deplete the hair,” he explained.

To tackle this he suggests a two-fold approach, which is to reduce the damage to hair and secondly to nourish the hair.

This could include using a hair masque a few times a week at home or wearing a swimming cap in the pool.

Then once you’ve been swimming, it’s important to rinse your hair properly in non-chlorinated water, followed by a thorough shampoo and conditioning.

With the warmer weather hair can easily become sweatier, especially if you do more exercise.

This can often mean hair needs washing more often, so a gentler shampoo might be recommended, meaning you can then use it every day.

Putting down the hair dryer is also a great idea, as a naturally-dried tousled effect is a really on-trend look during the holidays.

How do you protect your hair during the summer?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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