How to care for skin during winter

How to care for skin during winter

I'm happy to admit that November and December are probably my favourite months of the year.

OK, so it can get pretty chilly, but usually we don't see much snow and there's that lovely crispness to the air – plus, I really love putting my winter warmers on!

But the effects of this cold, dry weather on my skin can be pretty awful, causing it to dry out and become a bit flaky.

I try to moisturise when I can, while drinking plenty of water to ensure it looks and feels as healthy as possible.

"Dry skin cannot be avoided but we can improve its condition," claims makeup artist Julia Francis from

"To look after our skin in the colder months, I highly recommend using a rich moisturiser, a lip balm and plenty of hand cream daily to prevent skin from chapping," she advised.

These are all products I start taking with me everywhere around this time of year, as you never know when you might have cracked lips or tired looking hands.

I'm not really one for anti-ageing lotions and potions, but I will admit that using a night cream has really helped rejuvenate my skin.

It looks far softer, especially around the eyes and I've noticed that any baby wrinkles that have been emerging lately look a lot less obvious.

Another way to boost the moisture of your skin all over is to try bath oils.

A couple of drops of argan oil, avocado oil or sandalwood oil can really help smooth your skin, leaving it with a nice, healthy glow for at least a few days afterwards.

Oils are also great for hair, you could even try conditioning with a little olive oil at the tips for added shine and hydration.

What are your winter skin and hair saviours?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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