How to care for skin this winter

How to care for skin this winter

During winter my skin seems to just give up. In next to no time it's dry, dull and generally tired looking.

This is a pretty common problem and judging from conversations I've had with people in the office, it seems that there are a few things we could try.

The first is to start drinking more water so that skin is less dehydrated and a little plumper, something which is difficult with the harsh weather and scorching central heating combination.

As skin tends to get a little drier during this time of year, I've invested in an organic body scrub and gentle facial exfoliator, which I'm trying to use two or three times a week in the shower to revitalise my skin.

To help hydrate the skin, I'm moisturising daily with a lotion containing shea butter and essential oils.

This is great after a shower or bath, but remember not to have the water on too hot or this will dry out your skin even more!

For a healthy glow, there's no better way to achieve it than with regular exercise.

Walking to and from work and trying to incorporate in the odd weekend family trip to the park helps get my circulation going, keeping my skin looking bright and radiant and also lifting my spirits.

I also can't wait to take Henry out in the snow as I finally think he's old enough to really enjoy it. Although I might not teach him how to make the perfect snowballs just yet!

Other ways to keep your skin in tip-top condition include using a night cream, which is perfect for reviving tired eyes and cutting down on the caffeine and alcohol.

What are your recommendations for maintaining healthy winter skin?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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