How to create the perfect brows

Thick eyebrows unfortunately run in our family, so from an early age I’ve always spent far too much time grooming them. This year has really been the year of the brow, and finally it’s not just the catwalk models who are rocking the bold brow look!

How to create the perfect brows

Celebrities like Zoe Deschanel, Kate Middleton and Rachel Weisz are all flying the flag for the power brow – which is generally thick and well sculpted, yet remarkably natural in appearance.

I’m not talking about Scousebrows, as the drawn on look is definitely one left for decades gone by. Instead it’s about making the best of what you have.

Good brows take a little maintenance, but a minute or two a day spent grooming and five minutes on a Saturday morning plucking stray hairs should definitely suffice.

When it comes to plucking, you want to follow your natural brow line, while also creating a slight arch, to help frame your face.

Brush your brows upwards using a clean toothbrush to see where the hairs fall, then take a slanted edge pair of tweezers and make sure you’re by a well-lit mirror.

I like to hold the skin taut to reduce eye watering and then pluck in the direction the hairs grow.

To decide where to begin your arch, hold a pencil parallel to the outside edge of the iris (the coloured part of your eye) and where it meets your brow tweeze the outer side. Try not to go overboard; instead you’ll want to remove as few hairs as possible in order to get a neat shape with a slight curve to it.

Once this is done, use your tweezers to pick up any stray hairs in between your brows or above your brows, but be careful not to go crazy and change their natural shape.

You can then use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps, but make sure to find one to match your hair colour and to keep it subtle so as not to create a Scousebrow.

Always pick a pencil with a brush on the end to help spread the shading evenly, allowing you to perfect the ‘oh-so natural’ look!

Who’s your eyebrow icon?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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