How to pull off stripes this summer

How to pull off stripes this summer

My daughter used to always tell me not to wear stripes, as they make me appear wider than I actually am.

This is certainly true in some cases, but it’s also a bit of an old wives’ tale really, as stripes can be pretty flattering depending on how you wear them.

In general horizontal hoops are blamed for making the areas they cover look larger, however if worn well they can actually make you look slimmer.

Narrow stripes can actually make you look thinner, think of them like tiny waist belts.

Meanwhile, wider set stripes can accentuate areas, which while good often depends where they’re placed.

Horizontal stripes are known to be particularly nautical and were used back in the day to help spot a sailor who had fallen overboard, but it seems they could be every bit as useful if you want to look a little more bootylicious or make the most of your assets.

The most flattering form of stripes are black and white stripes, ideally with narrow black stripes on a white background, according to a study from Dr Peter Thompson, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of York.

However, while scientists are starting to get to grips with this debate, it seems that the cut of the garment and the shape of the individual will have a bearing on how flattering an item of clothing is, often regardless of stripes.

Stripes are popularly used on tight-fitting garments, meaning I can’t ruffle the belly fabric or adjust the chest to flatter my body, so the whole world can spot that I have one boob just a little bit bigger than the other!

It might be safer just to stop picking up striped clothes altogether, but it seems I can’t resist them.

Do you think stripes can flatter?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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