How to reduce stress during the school holidays

How to reduce stress during the school holidays

The school summer holidays officially start today. Are you really looking forward to them or are you wary of welcoming six weeks of restless kids in the house?

My Henry is only three, so still in nursery, but I know plenty of mum’s and dad’s concerned about how to cope with the school break.

Some 40 per cent of parents are reportedly dreading the school summer holidays, according to a poll by Hobbycraft, as juggling work, childcare and being a children’s entertainer for six weeks becomes a reality.

I’ve not had to properly face this yet, but it sounds like quite a nightmare!

However, if you find yourself staying home to care for your kids this summer how can you make sure it’s enjoyable and stress-free for the whole family?

Catriona Marshall, chief executive officer of the craft company, claimed it can certainly be a challenge for parents, grandparents and child minders to keep kids occupied, especially when the weather is playing up.

One way to do it is to take a holiday in the middle of the six-week break, meaning you all have something to look forward to and aren’t just cooped up in the house the whole time.

When at home why not try keeping kids active by joining them for a kick about in the park or going on cycle trips with a picnic when the weather’s nice?

Even in the house you can stock up on arts and craft activities to get them being creative, but hopefully not too messy!

Allowing them to invite friends over is also a great plan, as usually the child’s parent will return the favour by giving you both some welcome time to yourselves.

Also, while I know plonking the kids in front of the TV isn’t great parenting, the Olympic Games are on and could be a lifesaver for keeping children occupied, and who knows it might inspire them to be sportier when they go back to school!

How do you occupy the kids during the holidays?

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