Is 35 a woman’s body confidence prime?

Is 35 a woman's body confidence prime?

Confidence is a funny thing, while I often look back at old photos and think how much fun I was having, or how flat my tummy is, was I really any more confident in myself than I am now?

I wouldn’t say so, since starting a family and having a bit of a career change to something more stable, I’ve never felt happier in myself.

And it seems I’m not alone, as a new study from clothes brand CC claims that British women are in their prime at the age of 35, where they can expect to feel more comfortable with their appearance and lifestyle.

Your mid-thirties were found to be a peak time, in terms of style and image confidence, although a third of respondents said they felt more comfortable with their appearance the older they get.

One in twenty even said that they didn’t reach their prime until the age of 56.

Women are often told that they don’t age as well as men, but it seems as we mature so does our body image.

It takes time to figure out your own style, and I think by the time you reach your mid-thirties chances are you’ve distinguished what suits you. I know that bootleg jeans are my friends, but denim skirts are best left to teenagers.

The confidence turning point for me came with the birth of my son.

Since I had my three-year-old, Henry, I’ve started to care less about how I look, I mean he doesn’t care whether mummy wears make up or if she’s got a wrinkle or too, right?

Once you start to see the world through the eyes of a toddler, suddenly these sort of things seem less important, allowing me to appreciate what I do have.

When do you think women reach their prime?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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