Is a dress code really necessary at Ascot?

Is a dress code really necessary at Ascot?

Organisers at this year’s Ascot have informed racegoers that they must stick to the strict dress code, as standards have slipped in recent years.

Guideline outfits have been handed out to visitors showing more demure designer looks appropriate for one of the biggest events in the racing calendar.

I can see why organisers are distributing new rules, but giving blow-by-blow regulations is a bit over the top.

Every year the newspapers are filled with an extravagant array of dresses and enormous hats, but surely that’s just all part of the fun?

Without the outlandish outfits I’m not sure Ascot would have quite the same level of fame, but telling people what they should and shouldn’t wear is a bit restrictive no?

Nick Smith, a spokesperson from the event, explained that the guidelines are all about bringing in a bit of clarity, which they hope to deliver “in a vibrant and current way”.

I’ve never been to Ascot myself and as such I probably view it with fascination, not so much for the racing event but the fashion choices on display.

If I had the same figure as some of the young girls heading off to the event then maybe I would try wearing something a little risque, but it’s really up to people to draw their own lines.

Some of the rules, such as not bearing your midriff ,make perfect sense, but apparently others ban strapless dresses and tell women that they must be wearing a hat, headpiece or fascinator at all times.

Ascot is definitely viewed as a prestigious event, but it’s risky to isolate a lot of frequent racegoers by re-publishing out-dated and restrictive rules.

Are you going to this year’s Ascot? What will you be wearing?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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