Is hay fever season already upon us?

Is hay fever season already upon us?

If there’s one thing that threatens to ruin any signs of good weather it has to be hay fever.

Constant sneezing, puffy eyes and general grogginess is something I’ve become all too familiar with once spring arrives. And it seems that I may have to prepare for it already as scientists are warning that hay fever season could come early this year.

With a mild winter followed by a short cold snap this could signal an unseasonably early start to spring allergies.

I’ve already noticed that I’m sneezing more than usual but I’m praying that it’s just a cold.

Unfortunately within a few weeks us Brits could be struck by a severe early birch pollen season, with a record-breaking number of high pollen-count days starting from this week, according to Allergy UK.

Hay fever is not something that you may have been born with, as I only began experiencing it in my late teens, but there are a few symptoms to look out for including itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, runny noses and sometimes headaches.

While spending lots of time near plants could trigger it, I find that even walking through the centre of Northampton or sitting in the office can spark a sneezing fit.

Cities are even known to be worse for hay fever sufferers, as air pollution can cause the pollen to become more potent.

But while many sufferers choose to accept the symptoms there are plenty of things I find help to calm them down.

It’s widely accepted that alcohol can make symptoms worse, dehydrating you and increasing sensitivity to pollen so I try to cut down if my hay fever flares up.

I also find that it can’t hurt to keep a steroid nasal spray in my handbag, you can buy them in most pharmacies and they so long as I start using it early and often it really does make a difference.

What are your tips for dealing with hay fever?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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