Is it ok to jog while pregnant?

Is it ok to jog while pregnant?

In the past few weeks there’s been much debate as to whether it’s ok to exercise while pregnant.

Expectant mum Jenny Wright recently told the Daily Mail how she carried on jogging while expecting, something which earned her a barrage of criticism and even hurtful comments in the street as she bounded past.

Public opinion is really split on this issue and I can see why!

While I was pregnant with Henry I was determined not to have to give up my exercise routine, to ensure I stayed healthy and also didn’t have loads to lose once I’d given birth.

This is not just for my sake but for Henry’s as I wanted to have lots of energy as a first-time mum, plus I’d heard that if I remained relatively fit the birth might be a little easier.

Personal trainer, pregnancy and post natal exercise specialist and founder of Penelope Fitstar, Louise Whyte claims however, there is a difference between pregnant women who have always ran and those who want to take it up.

“No GP will advocate starting a running regime whilst pregnant and will suggest regular walking instead,” she said.

But she added: “If you have always run there is no need to stop jogging when you find out you are pregnant, but you may wish to change the intensity.”

Things like marathon training and trying for personal bests should certainly be off the cards, but regular runners are advised not to give up this activity altogether. You should, however ease off and start walking as you enter the latter stages of pregnancy.

While I was pregnant I helped retain my fitness through frequent walks, something which helped me get some exercise and clear my mind.

I also invested in a small set of hand weights that I could keep in the house – which reminds me I really need to dig these out again!

This worked for me but if you’re worried I’d certainly recommend chatting to your GP about it as they’ll be glad to recommend some low impact exercises.

How did you exercise while pregnant?

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