Is there a cure for low body confidence?

Is there a cure for low body confidence?

It seems we’re a nation of women with low body confidence, well, according a survey from Dove.

Apparently only one in eight of us have the confidence to call ourselves attractive, which is a sad state of affairs really.

The Dove Body Confidence Census saw natural beauties such as Holly Willoughby and Kate Winslet named as some of the most inspirational women, however despite their admiration we can’t see the beauty in ourselves.

Low body confidence is something most people will suffer from at some point, I know I rarely get changed in front of a mirror if I can help it.

The secret to feeling happy about ourselves was revealed to be a combination between different relationships and looking good.

Wobbly moments for me tend to come after break ups with partners or arguments with friends or family, which is something most women will be familiar with.

But while this may seem like a normal reaction, when I feel my mood falling I like to write a list.

For every negative thought in my head, I counterbalance it with something positive.

So while I might think my thighs are chunky, I tell myself that I’m generally wrinkle-free, and though my hair might be greying, my age reminds me how far I’ve come and the wonderful family I’ve raised.

One of the strongest boosts for us women is feeling confident in our appearances.

So in periods of low esteem, maybe treat yourself to a new dress – or better yet a hair makeover – this always cheers me up!

With such high percentages of British ladies worrying about their appearance it also tells us something, we’re not alone.

Chances are we have friends, family and colleagues who are feeling a little low about how they look, so why not give a few more compliments out this week?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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