Is there such thing as gym fashion?

Is there such thing as gym fashion?

I keep reading things about gym fashion and how to look great while exercising, both of which seem really odd given that you're there to get sweaty!

Lately the gym seems to have turned into a bit of a catwalk show, I'm even spotting trends!

Running shorts popularised by long-distance athletes are becoming quite the thing as ladies ditch their leggings allowing legs to breathe.

This gives people an excuse to lather on more fake tan, which is pretty ridiculous really, especially as it can run off as you sweat!

I tend to stick to the basics when I go to the gym or for a run outside. I always wear my sports bra and sensible knickers, as well as some short black sports leggings and a baggy vest.

Wearing super tight clothes only de-motivates me, nobody likes to be reminded of their lumps and bumps in the unflattering mirrors while they're trying to fix them, right?

I slick my hair back into a high ponytail or a bun so that I can keep cool and slip on some sports socks and gym trainers and I'm ready to begin my workout.

Celebrities keep being spotted wearing cropped tops and hotpants as they make their way to and from the gym with full make up on, a trend which is definitely catching on.

Piling on the slap before you go in will only block your pores as you perspire, causing dirt to become lodged and causing spots.

Also, unless you have an A-list figure, wearing almost underwear to the gym is not recommended, and if you do then perhaps you needn't spend your summer working out!

My rule for gym-wear is dress comfortably and sensibly, who cares if your cycling next to George Clooney – you're there to keep fit not network.
What do you think of gym fashion?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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