Is your commute affecting your health?

Is your commute affecting your health?

Ask anyone working in a major city and chances are the worst thing about their job is the daily commute.

While this varies from person to person, those in London undeniably have the worst time of it, with friends of mine thinking nothing to travelling four hours to and from work.

Living just outside of London my daily commute involves driving for a minimum of an hour each way, something that really takes it out of me.

By the time I get home on Friday night I’m exhausted and the last thing I want to do is go out to the gym or head out for a walk.

New research out today shows that the longer people commute for the higher the health risks.

According to Washington University all this sedentary behaviour, be it in the car or sitting on public transport, means people are more likely to have higher BMIs, waist circumference and blood pressure.

The study results published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine also showed that individuals who travel further to work engage less frequently in moderate to vigorous physical activity.

This is hardly surprising seeing as how tired commuting makes people!

This research has got me a little worried to be honest and has made me re-assess my daily commute.

I’ve decided to start parking at least a five minute walk away from the office, meaning I can get in a tiny bit of exercise before work.

This really wakes me up actually and when the weather is nice gives me a little mood boost as I head into the office.

I’ve also recently bought a bike, which on weekends I’m trying to use instead of my car as much as possible. It’s great for running little errands and helps me get some much needed cardio exercise.

Cycling all the way to work might be a bit too far, but for anyone with five miles or less between them and the office it’s a great idea.

Could you switch from four wheels to two in order to improve your health?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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