Keep your hair on

Keep you hair on!

About eight years ago I decided to go on the contraceptive Pill for the first time. I wasn’t a teenager but 28 years young and, having read plenty about the pros and cons of this kind of contraception, I was waiting for my skin to flare up – or indeed improve – and my weight to balloon. But none of the above happened. Instead my hair started thinning – noticeably. It happened gradually over a six-month period. I had always had fine hair, but lots of it, and it wasn’t until I saw a picture of myself with the sun shining on my head that I realised my centre parting had widened to the extent that it looked like I had a little bald patch appearing at the front of my head. I was horrified.

I had felt something wasn’t quite right for a while, there seemed to be too much hair coming out when I brushed it, but I never imagined my hair could be thinning! I wasn’t particularly stressed, I was in a happy relationship and didn’t have any major family or work dramas. The only thing I could attribute it to was the Pill, but of course I can never say for sure what caused it. I agreed with my partner that I would stop taking the Pill as the thinning hair was distressing me too much. I started taking some vitamin and mineral supplements and slowly but surely I started to notice – with huge relief – little tufts of hair starting to grow back.

Since that experience I am very conscious of my hair’s health and go out of my way to take the best possible care of it. Since teenage-hood I have used volumising hair products to boost my fine hair, but they generally leave it feeling heavy, greasy and difficult to style. Then about a year ago with my hair in much better shape – but still not as full as it used to be – I discovered Nanogen products and I haven’t used anything else since. At first I was sceptical as there are lots of products out there – many aimed at men – that claim all manner of miraculous hair regrowth and improvements. But I was intrigued by the fact the manufacturers claimed Nanogen worked on a different, deeper, more scientific level and actually thickens your hair. Apparently it stimulates your hair follicles and supports your scalp with all the nourishment it needs to allow hair to grow. I thought it was worth a shot and bought their Hair Thickening Shampoo and Hair Thickening Conditioner to use every day. After about a month I thought I was seeing a difference in my hair condition and growth. Impressed with the shampoo and conditioner I also bought the Intervention Hair Nutritional Supplements and the Growth Factor Treatment Serum, which I used as recommended. After about three months my hair definitely started to look and feel fuller than before. Now I don’t normally wax lyrical about products, but I am so happy I found Nanogen. My hair looks great – which makes me feel great – and it gives me peace of mind knowing that I am potentially helping prevent another hair trauma from happening again. And knowing how devastating it can be for a woman to lose her hair I thought it was worth sharing with you in case it can help someone you know.

Posted by Gina Robinson

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