Makeup ‘knocks ten years off’

Makeup 'knocks ten years off'

Any woman knows the value of a good makeup bag – our collection of goodies can help us transform ourselves with one simple flick of eyeliner to a quick dab of foundation or a top up on the lips.

But, for woman of a certain age – I'll leave that deliberately ambiguous – a good beauty routine can be absolutely magical and literally knock a decade "off our face".

According to new research, women who apply their makeup with deft expertise are turning back the clocks with every brushstroke. Compared to how they would look without makeup, the results are startling., an online beauty retailer, came to this conclusion through asking respondents to compare images of famous women. One picture was of them barefaced and the other was of them with makeup.

Women judged Britney Spears to look 25 with makeup – she is 30 – while Demi Moore, interestingly, without makeup was judged to look younger than she is. Having recently turned 50, most women thought she looked 47.

With makeup on, they considered one of Hollywood's most famous actresses, who is now enjoying single life after splitting up with Ashton Kutcher earlier this year, to be 43.

As for the respondents themselves, a whopping 70 per cent of women over the age of 40 felt that makeup made them look younger.

In some ways, the suggestion is that cosmetic surgery is something that should be a last resort for those who feel that they are unable to hold back time – a good beauty regime can keep them looking fresh.

Of that group, a very optimistic two per cent were confident that they looked a decade younger with makeup on than without it. Others were perhaps more realistic – 36 per cent felt at least three years younger.

Does your makeup routine knock the years off?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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