Men really are ‘rather clean’

Men really are 'rather clean'

In my profession, cleanliness is very, very important. Working as a nurse, one of my responsibilities is to ensure that we're all keeping on top of hygiene, sanitation and all the rest. We take it very seriously, I cannot emphasise enough how essential it is to be clean.

Needless to say, I approach life outside of work with the same kind of character – what can I say, I like to feel as though everything is germ-free. Now my husband Paul, on the other hand, he's a bit more lax when it comes to hygiene…well, sort of.

I'm not saying he's a dirty slob, of course not. I think, in comparison to me, a very uber-clean woman, I do have an exceptionally high standard. I can judge a little too harshly.

Which is why I was interested to read some new research that suggests men are not as unhygienic as we previously thought (that makes it sound like they've not washed in years).

According to Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Wash, the male species wash their hands, change their bed sheets and clean their teeth just as often as we women do. Now isn't that a revelation?!

"There is often a common perception that men are less competent when it comes to keeping themselves at a good standard of hygiene, but these results show that isn’t the case," a spokesman commented.

"In recent years we’ve become a lot more conscious of bacteria and the importance of cleanliness in our domestic lives and it’s clear to see that men are just as aware of this as women."

However, that said, the study of over 2,000 adults showed that women have the advantage when it comes to cleanliness. For example, we are more likely to replace essentials in the bathroom like the communal towel than men are.

I can definitely testify to this. I can't remember a single time Paul changed the towel in our bathroom and he only ever changes his bathing one because I always grab the one he's been using when putting the wash on.

It's good to see that men have come a long way with regards to hygiene, but we are still ahead of them. Here's to a future when they catch up.

How clean is your man?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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