Men ‘still rely on wives and mums to buy underwear’

Men 'still rely on wives and mums to buy underwear'

Until recently, I was of the mistaken belief that I was the only one who had a partner who refused to buy his own underwear.

To be honest, I don't mind picking my husband Mark a couple of pairs of boxers up – because if I didn't no one would, and at least I can choose pieces that are to my taste so he won't end up in tighty whiteys.

However, as it turns out, I'm not the only woman that spends her Saturdays trying not to look conspicuous in the mens' underwear aisle of the department store.

New research from Sainsbury's found that two-thirds of British men still rely on their mothers, wives and girlfriends to buy their boxers.

What's more, they even let the ladies in their lives determine which style of underwear they are to wear.

According to a Sainsbury's spokesman who commissioned the research: 'We’ve noticed a 30 per cent rise in sales of men’s pants over the last year and our stores tell us that it’s ladies looking to revamp their partners’ underwear drawers.

"Presentable pants are now a deal-breaker in a relationship and as such British women are on a mission. They head out underwear shopping for their men an average five times a year and buy three pairs each time – a sizeable increase on years prior."

Research showed that the dreader Y-Fronts are all but gone, while boxers are slowly but surely being surpassed by fitted trunks in a bright colour.

The supermarket also said that it things the trend for fancier underwear for men is due to a number of advertising campaigns featuring the likes of David Beckham, Thom Evans and David Gandy.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind my man looking a bit more like Becks!

What sort of underwear would you get your man?

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