More men taking up knitting as a hobby

More men taking up knitting as a hobby

While knitting patterns have historically been associated with female hobbyists and housewives, the image of women getting together to ‘stitch and bitch’ is outdated, according to one commentator.

Kate Youde, writing for the Independent this week, said a growing number of men are taking up knitting to relax and unwind as male interest in retro crafts increases just as it has among women in recent years.

She noted that, while knitters are still very much in the minority, retailers such as John Lewis have reported “massive” growth in the number of men buying knitting patterns and wool.

Andrew Stephenson, 49, told the newspaper he regularly knits at home in North Yorkshire, where he lives with his wife Carol.

“It’s a hobby which is very absorbing and productive, and also does allow me to get de-stressed and start the day quite fresh and focused,” he said.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper recently, retired popstar Lily Allen revealed how evenings spent knitting and making cushions were helping her adapt to a quiet married life in the countryside.

Posted by Alice Rowe

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