More parental advice needed on sexual health

More parental advice needed on sexual health

Young people need a thorough education and parental advice on health issues in order to make informed decisions about sex as they approach adulthood.

A report from Bright Grey this month revealed that sex, death and money are the least-popular topics of conversation in British homes.

James Warriner, clinical director at the Terrence Higgins Trust, suggested that it was time for sexual health campaigns to target families, encouraging people to find out information and pass it on as parental advice, or just in general discussion.

“It is a bit of a cultural thing within the UK that people are having sex but don’t really talk about it. If people talk about sex … it becomes more acceptable and removes a lot of embarrassment,” he added.

Mr Warriner went on to say that more needed to be done to raise awareness of sex-related family health issues among young people.

Parents were urged to advise their teenagers that, should they notice any signs of an STI, they need to visit a clinic immediately.

It is worth reminding teens that sexual health services are available locally, free of charge and that details of their visit will remain completely confidential.

Posted by Libby Ward

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