Nothing like a decent pair of jeans

Nothing like a decent pair of jeans

If anyone knows a thing or two about fashion, then the name Jeff Rudes is one you will certainly be familiar with. As the founder and chief executive officer of J Brand, denim specialists, he has helped to revolutionise the way we wear jeans.

"In the 30 years since I have been in this business, denim has transformed from simply a moderate price point product into what was called 'designer jeans' and now, 'premium denim'," he said in an interview with the Business of Fashion two years ago.

"It’s a premium product that has become a fashion staple sold at upscale retailers such as Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. And this is down to quality, fabric and wash."

Having worked in the fashion industry for a good few years, I have witnessed this change. While jeans have always been important staple items in a wardrobe, there wasn't that much innovation in their design.

That's not to say they weren't fashionable, but there was always something lacking, as if there was so much more than jeans could offer women. Now we have so much choice, which, although great, makes it doubly hard to choose a pair.

Lucky for us, Mr Rudes has kindly imparted his wisdom to help us whittle down a million different choices to a handful. He has five tips: edit, edit, edit; keep it clean; opt for authenticity; don't always go for brightness; and wash them right.

For the first one, it's all about having "the one" across a number of types. You should have a dark vintage jean, as they are the ultimate classic. Then there's one that is slightly deconstructed, the beige type and so on.

Second is about clean, modern and sleek aesthetics. It pays to keep things subtle. Loud jeans are so 1999.

Third is about, well, we'll let the maestro explain: "Don't have a million holes in your jeans unless they actually are vintage. Have orange stitching on a dark indigo, because that fits that jean. Some things should always be there – the five-pocket design is central to denim."

Fourth is about cutting back on the colour. Too much of something is never great, and while it is still good to have plenty of shades to chose from, don't go for "overkill".

Finally, wash them good. They are not just for Christmas – a good pair of jeans will last you near enough forever.

"Denim connoisseurs put them in the freezer but we recommend washing them inside out in cold water", he was quoted by the Guardian as saying.

"With dark jeans, most of the colour goes in the dryer. Put them on a low, short cycle and then dry them flat to keep the colour."

Which is your favourite pair of jeans?

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