Reducing the appearance of dark under-eye circles

Reducing the appearance of dark under-eye circles

If you’re one of the growing numbers of women complaining of dark under-eye circles, then a few simple changes to your fashion & beauty regime could work wonders.

According to a team of beauty scientists from Adonia Organics, winter ages a woman’s eyes by four years and eight months and bags underneath were proven to be significantly darker during colder temperatures.

To help combat these dark circles, health and beauty expert Jane Druker explained that they “are often a sign of dehydration, so the only way to improve them is to drink plentiful quantities of water or herbal teas”.

Sometimes it just helps to have a good concealer and she recommended using Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Chantecaille, “as they all have good easy-to-apply concealer sticks with yellow undertones that negate darkness with ease”.

To prevent dark circles getting worse, the expert also advised resting chamomile tea bags on the eyelids for five minutes, to create a “brighter, soothed eye area”.

Posted by Suzanne Chambers

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