Roast dinner Brits most nostalgic meal

Roast dinner Brits most nostalgic meal

When it comes to good food, the kind that brings back memories, the fantastic roast dinner comes up trumps, according to new research that is.

I have to agree with the findings from Cathedral City, which commissioned the study, because it reminds me of some of what life used to be like when I was a youngster – which wasn’t that long ago, let me tell you!

What a brilliantly put together Sunday roast conjures up – with all the trimmings of course – is being surrounded by your family with everyone happy to laze about after a hearty meal. I don’t get much rest these days with young Henry, as you all know.

It’s like a walk down memory lane when you read the list that was based on the views of some 2,000 people. The top five, for example, includes Shepherd’s Pie, scrumptious Rice Pudding, delicious eggs and chips – still a guilty pleasure of mine – and, of course, yummy bangers and mash.

Toast, which I love with lots of butter, is a staple in nostalgic foods, with the sumptuous cheese toasty the perennial favourite beans on toast, coming up quite high.

I’m sure you’ll admit that sometimes, after a hard day at the office, popping in a couple of slices of toast in the grill or toaster, covering it with cheese or beans, is a wonderful way of making all your troubles go away.

The study suggested that one of the reasons that these kinds of food have such a powerful memory trigger is because they’re exactly the kind of grub we loved as kids, while for others it reminded them of when they first started helping their mum and dad with cooking.

For me personally, banana sandwiches always make me feel like a child again. My mum used to, on occasion sprinkle sugar on, which I thought was devilishly brilliant.

It was, kind of, a guilty but healthy lunchtime treat, which I think I will be enjoying today. Why not!

What foods make you get all nostalgic?

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