School dinners are back on the menu

School dinners are back on the menu

While school dinners may have a bad reputation, a new event has been organised to promote how tasty and healthy they can actually be.

National School Meals Week (NSMW) begins on November 7th and is run by the Local Authority Caterers Association, educating both children and parents on the importance of a balanced diet and teaching kids about foods from different cultures.

“They [NSMW] have provided a whole range of free resources for schools to download so they can run different events throughout the week,” explained Arnold Fewell, director of AVF Marketing and founder of

While many parents may prefer to be in control of their children’s diet and provide a lunch box, Mr Fewell went on to claim that: “[School meals] are all required now to meet strict nutritional guidelines, so there is no question that a school lunch is the healthiest option.”

Posted by Alice Rowe

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