Secrets to getting a good night’s sleep

Secrets to getting a good night's sleep

If like many busy mums you find it difficult to unwind, then you may be keen to hear a few tips on how to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

These suggestions are also useful to bear in mind for your family’s health, as children who receive more sleep tend to find it easier to concentrate at school.

The first thing you should do to improve quality is sleep is to make sure bedrooms are cool, dark and quiet, claims Sammy Margo, sleep expert and author of The Good Sleep Guide.

Ms Margo also advised: “If you can, try and stay regular, so go to bed and wake up at the same time each day – even on the weekends, as bodies like predictability and rhythm.”

She recommended that bedtime routines are a must for both mother and child, allowing one hour to cool down before bed with a book, some relaxing music or perhaps a bath.

Other ways to improve the quality of your sleep include cutting down on alcohol and caffeine, as well as aiming to get more fresh air during the day.

Posted by Libby Ward

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