Slip, slop, slap: Are you covering up in the sun?

Slip, slop, slap: Are you covering up in the sun?

This weekend’s weather was utterly glorious – hands up if you spent the whole time indoors? I didn’t think so!

But while us Brits might relish a few days of sunshine we’re not always on form when it comes to protecting ourselves.

Kimberley Carter of the British Association of Dermatologists claims: “Research has found that people in their teens and early twenties are less likely than any other age group to use sun protection.”

This is despite an increasing number of melanoma cases, the most serious form of skin cancer, being diagnosed in this age group.

However, while the nation’s attitude to sun exposure might be a little frightening, this is no reason to join the crowds of sun worshippers comparing sunburn.

While tanning yourself in the sun can lead to short term bronzing, Ms Carter argues that much damage “won’t necessarily show up until many years later”, meaning lots of people begin to forget about the serious consequences of over-exposure.

I’m trying to teach my three-year-old Henry about the importance of suncream, so making sure myself and Mark are setting a good example is essential.

If mummy and daddy are wearing suncream, hats and sunglasses then Henry wants to too, win win!

Keeping Henry shielded from the sun can be a bit of a struggle but I try to keep the thicker white cream on me so I can see where I’ve rubbed it in.

Also we’ve been teaching him why it’s great to take a break from the sun and sit in the shade every few minutes.

This extra emphasis on sun protection isn’t only great for Henry, but also myself, as it’s making me realise the risky tanning behaviour I used to enjoy.

Even aesthetically I worry that all this sun exposure could be making skin age far faster than it should be, therefore suncream is not only a great protective product, but also a handy moisturiser in this hot weather.

It won’t last forever, but till the bank holiday weekend would be brilliant!

What are your tips for covering up in the sun?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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