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Did anyone else wake at dawn and play snow day roulette? You look outside before the world’s awake and find two inches of snow on the ground. Will school be open or not? Should I cancel all work plans and let the kids slumber on, or wake everyone up and start the thankless hunt for wellies and gloves on the off chance that they’ll end up home all day anyway?

There is absolutely no point in applying logic to this. As many of us parents discovered last Friday, those schools that opened as normal soon began to send out texts the moment the snow started to settle. Our school shut at 1.30 – giving parents an hour to close that deal, stitch up that appendix, finish feeding 300 kids at a school down the road, or in my case, switch the laptop to standby, roll off the sofa and into my wellies, find the sledge, pick up the kids and head for the park.

This morning the snow was twice as deep but all schools were open as normal. Of course, by that time I’d cancelled one meeting and decided not to risk going into town for a lecture ‘just in case’. Once we’d deposited the kids at the gates, my friend Alex and I had the snow to ourselves as we walked our dogs in the park. “This is too good to waste – I’m going home for the sledge, coming?” she said. Yay – we’d created our own snow day! Watch this space. My next blog may have to be filed from A&E.

Tell me how you got on in the great snowstorm of 2013.

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