Strong and beautiful

Strong and beautiful

Jessica Ennis is a worldwide superstar and a brilliant female role model. She works hard and inspires us all about the idea that if we really put our minds to it, we can achieve the unthinkable.

As a former personal trainer, her successes – and that of all British athletes throughout the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – really reminded me of what life used to be like for me in my 20s.

While it was hard keeping fit on a daily basis as a personal trainer, it has set me up good – I am always conscious of keeping fit and healthy. Which is not to say I don't have my moments, of course I do, I am only human, but I try and balance it out as best as I can.

Speaking to Radio Times, Ennis made an interesting point. She said that a lot of young girls are being put off sports because they don't want to end up looking too muscular. It's a fair point, as, after all, we like looking feminine.

But she is helping change that idea, which is a good thing. She certainly has a very washboard stomach, but that's part and parcel of being a world class star. She has to be super fit and strong. Young girls can associate beauty with fitness.

"It’s important that girls aren’t afraid of sport. I remember when I first started doing weight training; I didn’t want to be any good at it because I didn’t want to be all muscly," she told the magazine.

"My coach sat me down and said that if I had more muscles than the average woman, but won an Olympic gold medal, it would be worth it. He was right, but it’s hard when you’re younger and want to look like everyone else."

Strong can look good, she concluded, and she's right. It's empowering and, just taking one look at Ennis; it doesn't mean any loss of femininity. She is gorgeous, confident and an absolute star.

Do you have a six-pack?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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