The great moustache revolution

The great moustache revolution

Men all over the world have been growing moustaches for a good cause – to beat cancer. What started as a small event in Melbourne, Australia, in 2004 has since gone on to become an institution in itself.

As soon as November rolls on, five o' clock shadows start appearing around the immediate locale of men's lips. Movember is upon us.

It is "all about bringing back the moustache, having fun and doing it for a serious cause," the Movember Foundation explains.

"Specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Mo Bros commit to growing a moustache for the 30 days of Movember, and in doing so become walking and talking billboards for the cause."

It's a great cause, I am sure you will all agree. It has got me thinking seriously about moustaches for the first time in my life. Why? Well, I have never seen so many as I have this year –it's like a revolution!

The types of moustaches out there are unbelievable. Seriously ladies, if your man has never sported a moustache, then you will be as in the dark as the majority us are. I never knew it was such a big thing. There are even beard championships!

You've got, for example, the Chevron, a well-groomed thick-set tuft of hair on the top lip. Think Tom Selleck. Then there's the pencil-thin variety, pretty self-explanatory. Think Prince or David Niven. Or what about the handlebar effort, again, quite tick, but this time extending on either side of the chin like an arch. Think Hulk Hogan.

While during Movember it is all done in the name of charity, it is interesting to see how they change people's aesthetics and are very becoming of certain individuals.

For example, a few of my colleagues have taken up the challenge and though they looked ludicrous at first, especially in the early stages, when they blossom for want of a better word, they really add an interesting dynamic. They look good.

Who would ever have though that moustaches could be so sartorially on ball? Much in the same way that beards have become the norm – Brad Pitt and Gary Barlow as brilliant exponents of this –  it could be the case that moustaches have a real future.

Do you like moustaches?

Posted by Mandy Jones


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