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How to save, spend and squirrel away this week…Amanda Blinkhorn rounds up the latest bargains

Worried that your holiday budget is as overloaded as Gatwick’s luggage carousel? Fear not – here’s how to claw back some dosh and dignity

Flight delayed? The good news is you can claim compensation for flights delayed as far back as 2005. It could be worth £420 a person. Find out more here.

Overdid it on the Euros? If you took out more Euros than you spent, don’t throw away your savings by getting ripped off exchanging them back into Sterling. Visit this website to help decide whether it’s better to exchange them or stick them under your mattress until things pick up.

If you’ve flown halfway round the world and are either kicking yourself for not registering for air miles, or have racked up a fortune in them but don’t know how to make the most of them, let Alison Steed of The Telegraph guide you here.

Still feeling the pinch? If you need to borrow money, the good news is that rates are still very low. Find out how low here.

Treasure what you have. According to a survey by Poundstretcher earlier this year the average British person spends £123 a year on our gardens but less than an hour a day in them. Here are three ways to spend less money and more time in the great outdoors.

  1. Harvest and exchange your own seeds with The Cottage Garden Society
  2. Get 10% off selected bulbs and perennial plants for £3 from Sarah Raven
  3. Get half price garden furniture from Homebase

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