The return of the sporty look

The return of the sporty look

As you all know, I used to be a personal trainer in my 20s – which wasn’t that long ago I might add! – so fitness has always been important to me.

Although that’s no longer my profession, I still like to hit the gym where possible and do my best to keep fit, whether it’s a bit of yoga in the house or a nice walk around the neighbourhood.

Imagine my surprise then, on learning that woman are dressing up in their gym kits when doing the school run – just to make them look sporty!

Is that a thing?! According to the high street retailer Debenhams, they have experienced a massive 25 per cent growth in women’s sportswear, all because our fellow ladies want to look sporty, but not actually put in the effort.

Don’t get me wrong, sporting garments can be chic and can be worn outside of the gym, but really, we shouldn’t be keeping up appearances for the sake of it.

I understand as a mother that family life can be hectic, and sometimes, it’s just impossible to work out, but we shouldn’t feel bad about it. This is normal life!

Going back to the fashion stakes – sporty stuff has always had a mixed identity. It’s been purposeful, i.e. for the gym, and it’s always been about looking good.

I remember, for example, when I was in my teens in the mid-90s and sports jackets were all the rage.

Everyone was wearing these luminous items not because we were suddenly all keen to become superstar athletes, just because we liked the way it looked.

And it’s coming back – call it the Olympic Games effect. With our new love for Herculean stars, the kind that have character and skill, we’re finding that we’re falling in love with the aesthetic of sports once again.

Now all we need to do is match it with a couple of sessions at the gym. We can always go for a guilty treat afterwards!

Do you fake hitting the gym?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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