The search for the perfect winter coat

The search for the perfect winter coat

The perfect winter coat. It's something we all talk about but few of us have ever seen.

But what makes this rare breed so special and so sought after?

Essentially, the issue with winter coats is that they are expensive, and when things are a little pricier we get fussier.

If I have to spend more than £60 on an item of clothing then I'm going to make sure it is exactly right.

Secondly, there is almost too much choice in the shops. This makes me pickier and encourages me to keep going in search of a coat which exactly suits my taste and my body shape.

And finally, perhaps the biggest problem of all, it needs to be practical but yet also flattering.

Yes I want a hood and yes it needs to keep me warm, but no I don't want to look like I'm eight months pregnant or the Michelin Man thank you very much.

It's extremely difficult to find a thick winter coat which also somehow highlights your waist and has a hood without being super scruffy. Trust me I've been looking for weeks!

I'm not a fan of buying online as I've had some nasty surprises in the past, but I'm definitely not willing to compromise on what I'm after, especially as there are thousands in the shops at the minute.

You might also want to stay aware of the trends this season.

Veronique Henderson, creative director at Colour Me Beautiful, claims that "the big news in the coat department is the cocoon coat".

These are comfy options, however they frequently have harsh shoulder lines which could "make you look a lot bigger than you are".

If cocoon coats are not for you, she advises "the alternative is the classic military styles," however, "these are not for the curvy ladies among us, as to wear a military style coat successfully you need to have a straight body line".

See – it really isn't easy!

What would be your ideal winter coat?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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