The tricks to diet-free weight loss

The tricks to diet-free weight loss

Since January my exercise regime has featured a series of peaks and troughs.

Peaks when I’ve managed to get to the gym three times in a week and troughs when I’ve come home and literally eaten a trough sized amount of pudding.

But realistically it’s hard to lose that extra bit of weight, and people who manage to cut out all their favourite foods are either setting themselves up for a fall or lying in my books.

I’ve been putting more energy into exercising now that I’ve booked myself a summer holiday with the girls – I’m dead set on wearing a bikini on the beach even if nobody else will!

The last few pounds are always the worst so I’ve been checking out some tips on how to lose a little weight without crash dieting.

Ursula James, author of You Can Think Yourself Thin, claims that one of the top ways to do this is to wear tighter clothes.

“This way you become more body aware and your appetite starts to self regulate to negate the tight feeling,” she suggests.

Maybe I could try this in the gym or perhaps put something figure-hugging on before dinner so I’m a bit more conscious of my tummy?

I don’t fancy going to work in size eight clothes mind!

Another idea she recommends is taking control of any stress, as it “causes you to hold on to the fat you eat”.

This could be done by going to a yoga class, having some hypnosis or simply by regulating your sleep pattern with a nightly bath.

I’d love to trim down a little before my hols, so let’s hope these things work!

What are your diet-free weight loss tips?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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