Time to include protein in your breakfast?

Time to include protein in your breakfast?

As the weather changes so should your diet, as an expert claims that family health and eating patterns should adapt to shifts in temperatures.

When the weather gets colder our bodies begin to crave fat, according to Charlotte Watts, nutritional therapist and yoga teacher from de-stressyourlife.com.

Ms Watts advised that people should be getting the right fats to satisfy their body’s needs as well as making sure “you have protein with breakfast”.

“If you tend to get the winter blues or cravings in the dark months, then you need to be really careful that you’re having something like eggs, meat fish – if you’re vegetarian, at least something [like] nuts, feta, hummus,” she suggested.

A good breakfast can be especially important for children, as a recent report by the Local Authority Caterers Association and ParentPay found that kids who skip their first meal of the day are more likely to struggle in morning lessons.

Posted by Libby Ward

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